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Ensure Secure Services, the largest manpower suppliers in odisha, offers a true end-to-end manpower solution, from initial recruitment and training through to full contract support. We have been supplying fully outsourced workforces, supporting a wide range of industries including the construction, facilities management, aviation, hospitality and retail markets.


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Personnel are made available from our local talent pool or can be recruited to clients’ specific needs either locally or nationally. Our full end-to-end outsourced staffing solutions allow us to deliver the right talent efficiently while managing the non-core HR functions of your organization. Ensure Secure Services alleviates challenges associated with talent sourcing, legal rights to work, mobilization, deployment of staff and employee welfare. Our tailored approach provides peace of mind to organizations and employees through efficient processes, technology and dedicated service delivery teams. At Workforce Solutions we know the importance the right talent has on a business. By having a real understanding of our client’s business and needs we design our solutions to meet their unique requirements at every stage of the business cycle. Our comprehensive staffing solutions are designed to alleviate challenges and ensure an employee’s compliance to work, efficiency in mobilizing employees, ongoing HR & payroll support as well as coverage of temporary staffing fluctuations.

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Our manpower services are incomparable and as a progressive recruitment firm, we firmly believe in the transforming one’s career and business. All we believe in your GROWTH and SUCCESS is our ACHIEVEMENT, thus, we work very hard to fetch the same. We are fortunate enough in having smart, innovative and passionate manpower recruitment experts who are pro in offering great benefits to various businesses. Our professional team is well specialized in delivering quick, effective and affordable manpower recruitment services.

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Our clients receive end-to-end HR outsourcing solutions across the entire employment lifecycle. Our exclusive capabilities allow us to support all industries and professions.

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