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Integrated facility management

Ensure Secure Services Integrated Facility Management has well experience in the Odisha region. We are respected and trusted as one of the leading service solutions providers to many of the Odisha region’s leading organizations.

Security Services

The market leader in secutity services

We work in partnership with commercial and governmental organizations to deliver Lifecycle Security Solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Our team of consultants, systems integrators and cross-sector experience and have created some of the Odisha’s best security enabled companies, events and operations.
Utmost attention is given for the recruitment of our security guards like education, age, physical fitness, medical checks, and antecedent checks. Our Operation department is responsible for all such verifications and antecedents checks and maintain records of each employee.


our esteemed Ex-servicemen provide on-spot training to all security personnel’s according to clients’ requirements.
Our site specific training courses are designed after discussions with clients and assessing the training needs of the staff.


Before taking up any assignment, our operation team visits the site for survey to understand the needs of the clients’ premises. Accordingly, the security setup for premises is designed and a detailed set of instructions stating Do’s and Dont’s, duties for security guard, emergency procedures and other details are mentioned.


Our security guards at each site are supervised by zonal area supervisors and rounder’s who visit the site regularly for surprise checks thrice a week during day time and once a week during night.

Disinfection & Sanitization

Ensure Secure Services’ 360-degree sanitization and disinfection solutions deliver safety at every touch point to protect from the spread of Covid-19

Man Power Sourcing

Ensure Secure Services, the largest manpower suppliers in odisha, offers a true end-to-end manpower solution, from initial recruitment and training through to full contract support. We have been supplying fully outsourced workforces, supporting a wide range of industries including the construction, facilities management, aviation, hospitality and retail markets.

HR/Payroll Management

The Odisha’s leading provider of unique and innovative HR Outsourcing Solutions. As a leading outsourcing company, we alleviate the HR challenges your business faces while remaining compliant with local labor laws and employment regulations. Our in-depth local knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver solutions quickly and cost effectively to each of our clients with uncompromising quality.

---- Welcome
Ensure Secure Services (P) Ltd.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a professionally managed Private Limited Organization, specialized in industrial security serving our clients of reputes by offering expert advice on effective security measures and deploying well-trained security personnel.

We can assure you that if given the opportunity we shall strive our best to provide a dynamic and responsive security cover to your organization. ESSPL believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infrastructure to support the ever-changing customer requirements.

Ensure Secure Services is a leading services provider delivering readiness through innovative, cost-effective solutions. No one is better at supporting the mobilization, operational readiness, sustainment, and development that is needed for a better tomorrow.

With years of experience in the industry, commitment to excellence, and a team of seasoned experts in different fields, we are more than ready to deliver results that matter. We understand that great companies need great talent. Unfortunately, finding talented personnel is not an easy task. That’s when we step in: finding it is our specialty. Through high quality Security, Integrated Facility Management, Pay Rolling, HR and Recruitment services, the latest technology and a team of seasoned professionals we connect great talent to great companies and vice versa.

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---- ESS 
Why Ensure Secure services

  • We are the best Manpower Agency in Odisha and we conduct ourselves professionally at all time.
  • Long Terms Associations With Customers/Employees
  • Most Statutory Compliant Company
  • Maintain Very High Standard Of Quality Of Services
  • When you call us, we’ll answer quickly – in most cases within a few rings, no matter the time of day. And a real person will answer and stay with you until they’ve helped you resolve your issue.
  • We want to make sure you stay protected. So if you need something, you’ll get same-day or next-day service, from a highly trained security expert.
  • There are more advantages and less to worry about. Benefits of having Ensure Secure Services handle your pay rolling facilities include:-

      1. Relationship management. With ESS serving as employer of record, you can focus on the work that needs to be done.

      2. Reduced administrative burdens. Put your personnel on our books and the organizational work becomes ours.

      3. No conversion fee. Pay rolled ESS staff can quickly be transformed into one of your employees at any time and at no extra cost to you.

      4. Cost savings. Standard rates save you money.

      4. We ensure that our employees feel united in the client’s business, while both parties still get the advantage of a malleable working partnership.

---- CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ensure Secure Services, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of our company and we understand that a responsible business is a sustainable business, from employee benefit programmers to energy conservation. CSR is about the integration of social, environmental and Economic Consideration into the decision-making structure and processes of Ensure Secure Services.

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