Disinfection & Sanitization

Ensure Secure Services’ 360-degree sanitization and disinfection solutions deliver safety at every touch point to protect from the spread of Covid-19


The Ensure Secure Services Disinfectant Process

At Green Element Commercial Services, we are dedicated to ENVIRONMENTALLY safe cleaning practices that protect your staff and clients from hazardous pathogens.

Our Technology

Our professionally trained teams use surgical-grade misting technology to disinfect every square inch of your space harmlessly.

Our Process

Our 3-step preventative disinfection program includes misting of high-touch and high-traffic areas using industrial-grade chemical agents with a documented disinfection report provided at the end of service.

Chemicals We Use

We use disinfectants that are approved by the FDA. Our hospital-grade disinfectants are proven to work on all surfaces while eliminating allergens and odors.


You have high standards for the cleanliness of your facility and so do we. We use cleaning products that are strong while still being safe for the people in your workplace as well as the environment. We offer customized cleaning packages to cater to every client's unique needs.

Professional Cleaning Personnel

We maintain the highest standards in cleaning as well as provide a high quality-control structure, which ensures that all of our cleaning staff is supervised to ensure that our customers receive high-quality cleaning services. Our team members are highly trained as well as passionate about making sure everything is gleaming.


Our outstanding reputation for thorough and reliable cleaning services is only surpassed by our low cost and affordability. Businesses that partner with Green Element Commercial Cleaning Services can expect a return on their investment. We help streamline and automate your janitorial services for maximum efficiency.

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